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wornstar clothing uk

Wornstar Rock and Roll Clothing now available in the UK from Backstage Rockstar

The coolest in rock and roll and MMA clothing superstar Chicago manufacturers Wornstar now available in the UK through Backstage Rockstar! This unique brand of clothing was developed by Sylvia and Stephen Jensen in 2009 and they have now established the brand as one of the premiere clothing ranges for rock fans, rock stars and MMA fans. The clothes are made from superior materials and they feel as comfortable as your favourite old t-shirt thanks to the soft pre shrunk materials. We have a great range of selection and you can buy them from us now cheaper than importing from the USA

The Saints Sinphony UK

Custom Made Cool T Shirts and Graphic Tees for the Rockstar in You

Custom made by hand, to channel creativity straight into your cool t shirts, every individual garment is unique. At each of the four stages of the manufacturing process, the Saints Sinphony craftsman add their own artistic touches, in stitches, rips, streaks and spots, to ensure no two cool t shirts are the same – because they know you are one of a kind. Foil and rhinestones, leather and chains, religious motifs and rock ‘n’ roll imagery all come together to defy convention and resist conformity, creating a wearable work of art that speaks volumes about your attitude and your individuality.

The ultimate in custom made bling cool t shirts, Saints Sinphony are in a class of their own for pure rock and roll clothing Bohemian brilliance now in the UK.

Rebel Spirit Clothing – Graphic Tee Shirts for Rock n Roll Royalty

rebel spirit graphic teesRebel Spirit brings a new quality of graphic tees to the disposable world of alternative urban rock wear, embellishing their superior t-shirts with studs and stitching, velvet and jewels, to lift street style to a whole new level for those who appreciate the difference. Never before available this side of the pond, Backstage Rockstar is proud to be the only official UK supplier of Rebel Spirit rock and roll unique clothing and alternative streetwear. So declare yourself a VIP, move to the cutting edge and start to live the royal, Rebel Spirit, way of life.

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Red Chapter Unique Clothing Ambigram Rock T-Shirts

Red Chapter Ambigram t-shirts and their unique clothing literally turn rock fashion on its head with brain twisting word-art that can be read both ways around. Original, authentic and fiendishly clever, these are the world’s only biker shirts to be created from the renowned tattoo designs of the legendary Mark Palmer, and we are proud to be the only UK store to stock them.

With stylish Ambigrams such as Luck/Fate, Sinner/Saint and Get Rich/Die Tryin, these exclusive rock shirts capture the coin toss of life in incredible, mind-bending artwork. You can check out the images to see the complexity of Mark’s distinctive tattoo and unique clothing designs, but it’s not ‘til you get your hands on one that you’ll fully appreciate the quality that goes in to each and every one of these awesome rock t-shirts.

Worn by the world’s coolest, from playboys to playmates, sports stars to rock stars, Red Chapter’s unique designs are all crafted with love and rock ‘n’ roll in chilled out Southern California.

Cool t shirts exclusively imported into the UK by Backstage Rockstar, then delivered to you – offering you the widest range of cool graphic tees and unique clothing brands.

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